What does changing the position of cross country bindings accomplish

When you are skiing you have probably had bad grip or so much grip that the skis suddenly grip in the downhills. Here we will show what you can do to fix both of these problems by only adjusting the position of the cross country bindings. this is especially relevant for skin skis, so you can adjust the grip and glide for every adventure.

If you move the bindings backwards, less of the wax sone will be pushed down into the snow. therefore you will get less grip and better glide. this is best in slow conditions, or when you feel the wax/skins gripping in the downhills or flats.

Moving the bindings forwards will do the exact opposite. it will push more of the wax/skins into the snow, and you will have better grip for the uphills. if you are on skin skiis this will be alot better on fast conditions.

You should also adjust the bindings position if you have somewhat changed weight, or borrowing the skiis to someone in a different weight class. Lighter people generally needs the bindings further forwards, depending on technique. Heavier people generally needs their binding to be further back.

on wax skiis it is often easier to adjust grip/glide with the wax itself. but if you have put on to much wax, moving the binding is an easy fix. just remember to move the binding back to the starting afterwards, so you know exactly where the wax sone is. Remember, when you move the bindings the wax sone will be different.

The conclusion is that on wax skis changing binding placement is not as importante as on skin skiis. On skin skis moving the bindings is importante to have optimal glide/grip on different conditions. finding the perfect binding placement is individual, someone wants perfect glide, someone wants great grip, it is all up to you.

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