Terrain traps

If you are ski touring in the mountains, you have to be aware of avalanche safety. a crucial terrain type to avoid are terrain traps. Terrain traps increase the consequenses when you are caught in an avalanche.

25% of everyone dying in an avalanche dies of mechanical injuries before the snowpack stops sliding. Alot of these deaths occur from being crushed against trees or rocks. Be careful when touring right above the treeline, as terrain traps, such as rocks and trees, can significantly increase the tisk of being crushed in an avalanche.

If you are pulled over a cliff in an avalanche it is quite obvious that you would not survive. therefore you should absolutely not walk over cliffs while in avalanche terrain.

Terrain that will pack the snow vertically is very dangerous. If you are caught in an avalanche and you are 7 meters down in the snowpack, the chances of survival are 0. Terrain that can cause this are creeks and gulleys.

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