Sunday, and I woke up way later than usual. The sky was this dull gray blanket, totally overcast. You know, the kind of day where you can barely tell it’s morning. There was snow floating around in the air, but not the epic snowstorm kind, just enough to be like, ‘Yeah, winter’s still here.’

So, I had to shovel snow for like two hours. It was a total workout, but also kind of chill in a weird way. Just me, the shovel, and the sound of scraping on the driveway. Oh, and there were a couple of seagulls making noise somewhere off in the distance. Kinda felt like I was in my own winter music video or something.

When I finally got back inside, my face was all stingy from the cold, and my hands were like ice blocks. But the house was super warm, like stepping into a hug. I made myself this epic cup of hot cocoa, loaded with so much whipped cream it was basically a dessert. It was the best thing ever after being out in the cold.

Then I just crashed in my favorite spot by the fireplace. The fire was cracking and popping, and with the hot cocoa in my hands, it was seriously the coziest vibe. As I chilled there, sipping my cocoa, I was like, ‘Yeah, this is the life.’ Outside might be all dreary and cold, but in here, it was just perfect. Winter’s not so bad when you’ve got a bit of warmth and some good cocoa.

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