4 tips to plan a ski touring adventure

You might have just bought some backcountry skiis, and are now wondering how to plan a ski touring trip. Here we will go through the most importante steps on how to plan a trip safer.

The most importante step to ski tour safely is to have avalanche knowledge, our avalanche safety text is a great start to avalanche knowledge, but you should get an avalanche course in your local area before any adventures.

To ski tour safely you need someone else to ski with. You are responsible for eachothers lives, so be sure to discuss the snow stability, and every other hazard that is out in the mountains. if there is an avalanche you are eachothers lifeline, help from others will almost always arrive to late.

Check the weather and avalanche forecast. Always choose destination based on risks, If there is bad weather or avalanche risky weather it is best to stay home. warming over 0 degrees celsius will pose a risk. alot of snowfall the last 2 days will also pose an avalanche threat. Remember to check your local avalanche forecast.

Now you need to decide where you want to go and what lines to ski down the mountain. Keep in mind the avalanche risk when choosing routes. stay out of steep terrain and terrain traps. Remember to always discuss the avalanche risks. Always use maps, the best is 3d maps. Have a plan A and plan B. Point out safe spots, potential up routes and lines down. flexibility is crucial, dont just follow your plan without discussing risks. And remember better to turn around than buried alive.

Remember to charge your beacon and pack all your avalanche safety gear. pack your bag the day before to ensure you remember everything. Remember food and water.

Have a great ski touring trip! and remeber stay safe.

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