How to store boots, skins and skiis in summer

You have just taken the last trip of the season and now you are ready to put you skis away for summer. But how do you store your skis and boots. by the end of this text you will have the knowledge to store your skis the way i do.

The skis have to be dry. This is to avoid rust on the edges, and to avoid moist in the core of the skis. It is also importante to ensure that the ski is waterproof by sealing any holes that extend into the core, but be careful, the ski has to be completely dry before doing this. If the ski is ever wet inside the core, it will dependandt on the material used, rot or warp.

Apply a coat of wax to ensure good glide, remember to remove the wax from the edges so they dont rust. And do edge maintenance to ensure that there is no rust and the skiis will be sharp for the next seasons adventures. You should store the skiis in a climate with no extreme temperatures, and avoid direct sunlight. The skis should always stay upright with the sole outwards, to avoid warping the skiis they should always be in temperatures under 30 degrees celsius.

Skis ready for summer
These skiis are almost ready for storage, only needs wax.


To store your boots you have to ensure that they are clean and completely dry. start with taking out the liner and insoles and washing them. dry them completely and insert into the boots again. Now you tighten the boots so they stay the right shape. they can warp if you dont do this.

Boots ready for summer
These boots are ready for storage.

To store the skins you should clean both the sticky side and the skin side of the skins. On the sticky side you should remove grass and other debris stuck in the glue. then i always use the skin protector. put the skins in their bag and store in a cold and dry palce. i always use the freezer.

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